150-160 gr. Egg yolks
90 gr. Sugar plus more for dusting
5 gr. Vanilla sugar
3 gr. Salt
600 gr. Heavy cream


1. Prepare a Sous Vide bath at 80 degrees Celsius.
2. Use a non-electric hand mixer and mix the egg yolks, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt in a deep bowl.
3. Warm up the heavy cream to 70 degrees Celsius.
4. Pour the heavy cream slowly while mixing into the bowl with the egg/sugar/salt mixture.
5. Spread the mixture in wide mouth canning jars (I use the Ball Half Pint (8 oz.) Wide Mouth Canning Jar. It takes 5 of them with this recipe).
6. Close the jar until "fingertip tight". Twist the lid until “fingertip tight,” meaning just barely closed and still possible to open with your fingertips. To close the jars fingertip tight, place the lid on top of the jar, then twist the band to tighten using just your fingertips. When you begin to feel resistance, twist once in the opposite direction, then once more in the original direction to tighten. Closing the jars until fingertip tight means that air will be able to escape from the jars when you submerge them in water. If you close them too tightly, the trapped air will press against the glass and could crack or break your jars since the Sous Vide bath is too hot.
7. Place the jars in the Sous Vide bath and cook for one hour.
8. When ready, remove the jars from the Sous Vide bath and let them cool.
9. Spread a thin layer of sugar to cover the creamy surface and burn with a blow torch to form a caramelized crust.
10. Serve.